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In this time the Hellions sent forth the hunters of the Prophet.

 There will be the time of the Prophet of Toynbee.

The boys once again sailed through the sea of long grasses and tall weeds. Johnny 6 bend forward slightly with hands out in front. Experience had taught him how to conduct himself in the sea of overgrowth.

Johnny 5 headed right for the six stones that the two of them had been to the day before. This time there was an addition. A head of long gray hair, as ungroomed and wild as the weeds that surrounded it, could be seen pitched forward studying the face of the last stone. The head was attached to a man who was on his knees in front of it.

As the boys approached the man stood up, tall and dowdy in appearance, dressed in a button up white shirt, an open black jacket and black pants. His balance wavered a bit as he eyed the boys with a grimace. “So, They finally find me, and They send children after me?” He shouted to the boys.

“Hello,” Johnny 5 replied.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in town before. Did you just get transferred here?” Johnny 6 said.

“Who sent you here,” The man asked.

“No one sent us,” Johnny 5 answered.

“Then what are you doing here?”

Johnny 5 had to scramble for a lie. He was becoming better at lying since he had failed the drug test. Now he had to lie to this man whose hair was as long as a guardian’s and who was not wearing the usual gray dress.

“We forgot there was no school today and we got lost on the way home.”  Johnny 5 stammered a bit.

The man’s grimaced face turned to a smile as he laughed. “You’re not a very good liar now, are you?” The man stepped back and reached out for the stone. Failing to grasp it his balance left  him and he fell backwards into a seated position.

“You look like you’ve been on the planet a very long time,” Johnny 6 blurted out. “But you still have all your parts. Do you get too many meal periods?”  Johnny 6 pointed to the man’s portly midsection.

“I don’t understand your hair, and those cloths you’re wearing,” Johnny 5 said.

“Oh yes, well, I’ll tell you about that, if you first tell me why you are here, in a forbidden area.”  The man caught his breath as if he had been running.

Johnny 5’s heart quickened a little. It was a sensation he was not used to feeling. “Well, umm, we didn’t know it was forbidden.”

“Well my boy, I don’t believe you, and I think you were headed right over here to these stones. You knew exactly where you were going. You know They don’t want you in here. Now, tell me again, but this time make it the truth.”

Book One

Of the Bible of the Toynbee Prophet

Coming November , 2012

It’s arrival will be announced here.

In the time before world had been without the influence of the right thinking.

 In the time when the right thinking had been a whisper in the ear of the Pol Zero.

 In the time when the Hellions heard the whisper and would not let the right thinking fade.

 In this time the Prophet of the Toynbee also heard the whisper.

 In this time the Prophet of the Toynbee warned the people.

 In this time the Prophet of Toynbee sent forth the prophet tiles of the Toynbee amongst the world.

 In this time the Prophet of the Toynbee received the knowledge of the Jupiter Station.

 In this time the people did not listen.

 In this time the Hellions sent forth the hunters of the Prophet.

 There will be the time of the Prophet of Toynbee.

 He will smite the Hellions of the cult of the resurrected dead.

 The Prophet will be the first to die again and resurrect the Toynbee into the death of the those without life.